multiple vehicle tracking device gps tracker,wireless gps navigator car tracker rf-v8s

multiple vehicle tracking device gps tracker, wireless gps navigator car tracker rf-v8s



vehicle GPS tracker
1.Vibrating sensor burglar alarm
2 .SIM card changing alarm
3. SOS alarm
4.Sound sensor alarm

GPS+LBS tracking device RF-V8S mini vehicle gps tracker with SMS and phone alarm function


RF-GSM Group, over 7 years specialize in R&D innovation, manufacturing superior GPS products in terms of GPS Personal Tracker, vehicel gps tracker , Motorcycle gps tracker ,E-bike gps tracker,GPS Tracking System, GPS Alarm System and Integrated GPS Tracking Solutions.

vehicel gps tracker

1 .Super mini GPS device

2.Positioning fast & accurate

3.Vibrating sensor burglar alarm with 4 levels of sensitivity

4.GSM network( quad-band): GSM850/900MHz/DCS1800/1900MHz

5.GPS Tacking via APP, web site and SMS

6.Trace replay

7.SOS alert

8.Powered off alert:

9.Sound sensor alarm

10.Vibration sensor alarm

11.Geo-fence alert

12.Remote listening function

13.Low battery alert

14.SIM-changing alert

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